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Mama Bird Terrarium Tutorial

We are our mother's sons and daughters, yesterday we celebrated Mother's Day. I hope you all had a wonderful day whether you are a mother yourself, spent the day with your family, or thought of a fond memory of her; thinking of each lesson learned growing up or all the smiles you brought her. With a little green I built a miniature moss world representing the nurturing of a mother's love for my very own mama bird.


Hanging glass ornament with open front / apothecary jar / mason jar

Dirt and small pebbles

Living moss / artificial moss

Small nest

Bird eggs / natural findings like butterfly wings, flowers, feathers, bark, mushrooms

Vintage lace / thread

Line the bottom with dirt and small pebbles for draining, then gather moss and place on top. This particular terrarium lives on very little water mostly with a spray bottle or a spoonful of water every few days.

You can find small bird nests at most crafts stores or if you have the patience make one using vines and twigs, then line the edges with thread for extra color.

I wanted to create this piece especially for my mom using four eggs representing myself and my three younger brothers. These eggs are made of polymer clay which were sculpted and baked by my friend and owner of Spool Design. Feel free to use whatever you'd like to make it personal.

For hanging purposes I used vintage lace and tied it with a knot. 

Here is my mama bird holding her gift, she cannot wait to hang it in her kitchen window. This terrarium was specially made for Mother's Day but can also be given anytime of the year. It would make a special birthday or baby shower gift or for table centerpieces.

Terrariums come in all shapes and sizes, living or for decoration, for detailed step by step instructions and video for a sustainable living terrarium visit Sprout Home.

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