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May 25, 2017


Never Stop Looking Up

"I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night." Celebrate the stars with our Star Gazer Bracelet with the tiniest gold stars that connect like the constellations. We offer three different colored connectors just how nebulas are every changing. 

February 21, 2017


Mondo Guerra FW17

A few weeks back, I got all dolled up in my '70s romper, leather jacket and took to the streets of New York Fashion Week. I had the pleasure of attending the runway collection show for Project Runway's very own fashion designer Mondo Guerra. Late to the Opera was featured at the Stewart Hotel, which was swanky in itself. After confirming I was on the list, I was welcomed into a world like no other, the bass of electronic music played against the beating of my heart. Awaiting on the rows of white chairs, were black swag bags, I could see a pink box peaking from the top that held a treat from Pastel Cupcakes. So much angst waiting for the show to start...after about 30 mins the lights went darker and the show began with an electronic symphony opening the scene. Mondo's collection was delicious in color with a real nod to the 1960s dreamy abstract patterns and bolts of lime greens, pinks, beiges and electric metallics for his evening wear. A fabulous runway show, but they always go by so fast! I hope to be invited back soon.

Leila Marvel of RedHeart13 at Mondo Guerra's Late to the Opera NYFW17FW17 Mondo Guerra's Late to the Opera Runway showMondo Guerra Late to the Opera FW17

September 27, 2016


Finished Sailor Moon Bodychain

We recently had the pleasure to create a custom body chain for cosplay! Here is Pluto in her custom body chain inspired by Manga Sailor Moon Pluto. 

Go check out @starsitanova on instragram for all her cosplay outfits!

Sailor Moon Pluto custom bodychainSailor Moon Pluto custom jewelrySailor Moon cosplaySailor Moon Pluto custom jewelry

August 22, 2016


What a girl wants, a girl gets

We recently had the pleasure to create a custom body chain inspired by anime Pluto of Sailor Moon for a girl who was going to do cosplay.

Sailor Moon Pluto Body Chain

Custom Sailor Moon Body Chain

January 07, 2016


Buried Treasure Finds & Fate's Unexpected Turn

Every once in a while fate throws you a curve ball leading you to the exact place in time you are supposed to be in life – last Saturday was one of those unexpected adventures. The day starts like this, I had expected to be back home after running a few errands, but I had decided to hit up one of my favorite estate sale shops, Good Deals. Surprisingly, I ran into my good friend Gene, we got chatting about as we looked around. Before leaving, I found what I believe to be is a 19th century canvas wall hanging with a hand-painted sleeping cherub laying on clouds. This was just the beginning…

19th century hand-painted cherub wall hanging

Spur of the moment, I'd had asked if he wanted to hit up this antique store about 15 mins away called The Zeppelin & the Unicorn. My heart melted after stepping inside this rustic red building, filled with several rooms and just enough clutter. Different flavors of new and old line the store with a recent award for the 2015 Best of Delaware Antique Store.

Antique clown wooden cabinet with movable head

Treasures were pilling to take home with me, including a antique 40" circus clown antique wooden cabinet with movable head, included spider webs and that Poltergeist flare we all remember. Two darling fabric dolls also got a new home, a ballerina and jester with painted faces were a perfect match for my cotton candy studio. A vintage tiny 'An Evening in Paris' cobalt blue perfume vial was just the sweetest, and a Chinese brass dragon brooch, came with a handwritten tag stating that it came all the way from London's Portobello Road, the world's largest antique market.

An Evening in Paris Perfume and Chinese Brass Dragon from Portobello Road, London

Lastly, I picked up a 1975 Frazetta beer stein for my husband, then right before checking out, this thick black hard bound book caught my eye! I couldn't believe what I found, the first addition printing of 'Tales of Mystery and Imagination' by Edgar Allan Poe with illustrations by Harry Clarke, featuring halftone tipped in illustrations and his famous style pen & ink drawings.

Tales of Mystery and Imagination by Edgar Allan Poe, Illustrated by Harry Clarke

I thought we were about done for the day, but again, fate lead us the right way!! Before leaving the store, Gene had asked one of the owner's if they ever get any haunted objects, but supposedly objects move about the store from time to time, along with lights turning on by themselves. Turns out, the previous owner died right outside and at one point a customer saw an apparition of her. They had recommended us visiting this special little boutique about five minutes down the road called 'The Oddporium: The Gallery of the Peculiar and the Bizarre' where we would find just what we were looking for.

Here is where we take a peak around the black curtain. Walking into a life size cabinet of curiosities, we were welcomed by unusual objects of modern medicine, mourning, the spiritual and skeletons of all kinds. The owners were so friendly, and very helpful in a few requests I had in mind; as I'm always on the look out for unusual keys from retro hotels and abandoned hospitals. To my request, I picked up two skeleton keys, that unlocked every door and cabinet, from the newly demolished Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital.

Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital Keys

Two hours went by, talking about unusual objects, including a haunted geisha doll, and our interest in the paranormal. Real life ghost stories were told whilst playing EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenons). Before leaving, we picked up a business card on file next to the haunted doll, it was for a local paranormal investigator of the 'Delaware Researchers of the Paranormal'. The owner's told us he was looking for new members – luck turns out, he contacted us that night!! And that folks, is a story for another day. 

November 27, 2015



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October 08, 2015


Steller Stories: The Oracle

Are you familiar with Steller Stories? It's a beautiful story telling app made for the imaginative like me – you can tailor editorial layouts with text, video or full photos. To read all our tales and a look behind the scenes follow us at RedHeartCult


July 04, 2015


Sharing the Love with Stylist Nicole Burron

The lovely fashion stylist, Nicole Burron, of Los Angeles shared her latest outfit with us in preparation for her trip to Wisconsin. Did we mention she is wearing our "Ophelia Lunar Halo Rose Necklace"? She combined a sweet but sexy navy blue floral romper with a pop of gold over the heart. Here are a few photos below, be sure to view her full blog post at Oh-So Lovely Life.


March 11, 2015


Dreamland: the Photography of Maleonn


I'm currently in love with the photography of Maleonn out of Shanghai. I recently discovered his work over at Juxtapoz Magazine, you can view more select works HERE. I adore the juxtaposition of this particular photograph, mixing foreign man-made objects combined with pale pinks and purples and a god like figure, reminding me of hand-painted religious catholic icons. I would love to create a piece of jewelry inspired by the florals and roaring waves of his collaged photography.



June 27, 2014


Nature Made: The Ivy Wreath of Friendship

I've always loved ivy, especially the ivy that winds up the trees at my Father's house in West Grove, PA. As the seasons change, so does my front door; changing from flowering stems to robin's egg blue tinsel. Last weekend was perfect weather so I decided I wanted to freshen up the front of my house with a new wreath; so I said, "out with the artificial".

The ivy grows wild in the wooded area on the grounds, the veins take over the bark like chains, they are durable and hearty perfect for wrapping and shaping a wreath. A word of advice for vine hunting is if it looks like a jungle come prepared for the jungle: long pants, gloves and boots especially come in handy in shading areas where mosquitos breed and hide.


Bring some clippers to cut thick vines, look for the thick and thin, curly and straight as all types will work for wrapping. Gather about 6-8 long vines depending on the size you wan to make. You don't have to use ivy vines, you can use anything that would work well for bending and is not too dry as it will break.


For the all natural look I find that vine roots are great for tying bundles together. 


Start by organizing all your vines, leave your really leafy ones for later. Start the foundation by weaving the vines together going in and out making a circle. 


One of the vines I found had a great slot for a door hook, love the different shapes and imperfections you find in nature. 


Here is a close up roots used to bind the vines together in areas. 



After you have the foundation start to add the leafy vines, as this will begin to give riche texture. Keep building until you have about 10-12 wraps.


To make your leaves last longer you can spray with water, but overtime the leaves will become dry and eventually die. With the changing seasons, I plan on removing the leaves entirely, the bare bones and berries will merge well with the falling leaves and chilly weather.


The final wreath will be warm and inviting. Did you know that ivy represents memory, friendship, faithfulness, eternal life and marriage? A wreath like this would make perfect as a house warming gift or simply hand outside welcoming guests to your home.