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THE FAIRYTALE »» In a world of masquerading romantic tragedy, there is a place of splendid melancholy. A world filled with vampires and dark stories woven through relics and one-of-a-kind adornments. It is here since 2007 that the Red Heart Cult finds its inspiration. A gift to its wild hearts, free folks, sinners and saints, Red Heart 13 offers wearable reminders of this place. Here you’ll find trimmings from a distant past melted together inspired by the 1970s floral style and Hammer Horror films. Every piece from Red Heart 13 is birthed from the hands of artist Leila Marvel, who creates for the fearless soul. 

THE BIRTH »» For as long as she can remember, Leila Marvel has been a collector. She remembers going to estate sales as a child and visiting her grandmother's haunted third floor, where she would open drawers and write herself letters with a quill to be found during future visits. She began starting her own collections of vintage jewelry, antiquarian anatomy books, gothic & Art Nouveau furniture and religious statues, just to name a few. In 2007, her collections morphed into assemblage art, later developing into the eco-friendly jewelry that is now known as Red Heart 13. The name itself stems from Leila's personal connection to the sacred heart, with the number 13 representing rebellion. She harnesses this energy in the form of wearable relics, which she hopes serve as a reminder to keep the free spirit unleashed. 

THE HUNT »» Leila cherishes the hunt before a piece is even made, exploring flea markets, antique stores and abandoned buildings for the trinkets that will become Red Heart 13. She spends afternoons dancing with vintage pieces and painting in her sun-drenched pink studio. Each object carries with it a piece of history and its own story. Leila carefully selects the components of each piece, letting their past weave together to create something completely renewed.

THE CALLING »» Much inspiration for Red Heart 13 comes from Leila’s daily wanderings in nature, her love of watching horror films with her husband and playing in same forest she used to as a child. She is also a lead paranormal investigator for Delaware Researchers of the Paranormal (DROP). Though Leila is a full time branding Art Director with over 15 years experience, her sanctuary is hiding away in her studio embracing the artistry of jewelry making.

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