Wrapped Clear Quartz Point on Adjustable Ring with Healing Energy | Red Heart 13

Energy Garden - Raw Clear Quartz Adjustable Ring with Wire Wrapping

A raw quartz stone is the centerpiece of a petite moss garden made to radiate energy and rebuild the ora. A silver matte adjustable ring is the rest place for a large quartz crystal that sits on a bed of moss, it is wrapped in a thin silver wire webbing that is wrapped by hand. A healing ring that can enhance thoughts and can also be used in meditation and protection - be sure to charge under the full moon for extra strength radiating energy. 

The ring measures .75" w x 1.375" h x .375" d
The ring is adjustable
The clear quartz stone roughly measures 1" w x .5" h

««Healing Properties of Quartz»»
~ wards off negative energy, helps purify the spiritual, mental and physical planes
~ a healing stone, it is said to draw out pain and strength all systems of the body

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