Mondo Guerra FW17 | Red Heart 13

Mondo Guerra FW17

A few weeks back, I got all dolled up in my '70s romper, leather jacket and took to the streets of New York Fashion Week. I had the pleasure of attending the runway collection show for Project Runway's very own fashion designer Mondo Guerra. Late to the Opera was featured at the Stewart Hotel, which was swanky in itself. After confirming I was on the list, I was welcomed into a world like no other, the bass of electronic music played against the beating of my heart. Awaiting on the rows of white chairs, were black swag bags, I could see a pink box peaking from the top that held a treat from Pastel Cupcakes. So much angst waiting for the show to start...after about 30 mins the lights went darker and the show began with an electronic symphony opening the scene. Mondo's collection was delicious in color with a real nod to the 1960s dreamy abstract patterns and bolts of lime greens, pinks, beiges and electric metallics for his evening wear. A fabulous runway show, but they always go by so fast! I hope to be invited back soon.

Leila Marvel of RedHeart13 at Mondo Guerra's Late to the Opera NYFW17FW17 Mondo Guerra's Late to the Opera Runway showMondo Guerra Late to the Opera FW17

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