Red Heart 13 Odd & Forgotten Jewelry and Relics

Unisex jewelry for wild hearts, free folks, sinners and saints. Much of the material used in Red Heart 13's jewelry finds its origin from a distant past – we strive to breathe new life into adornments to ensure they evoke a new story that is inspiring and handcrafted while maintaining that signature aged look. Each customer is invited into our world of dark stories, splendid melancholy spun with florals and hints of magic.

New Arrivals Jewelry

Discover the latest jewelry styles from the hands of RedHeart13.


Get stoned

February 22, 2018

Get stoned with our four new earth rocker wrapped crystal adjustable rings to bring in honor of spring! Each made keeping in mind the positive energies each raw stone provides.  Clear Quartz - wards off negative energy, helps purify the spiritual, mental and physical planes Green Fluorite - uplifting stone, clarity of vision, rejuvenate, anti-addiction properties HARMONY WIRE WRAPPED RAW CLEAR QUARTZ ADJUSTABLE RING RENEWAL FLUORITE WRAPPED ADJUSTABLE RING LARGE GREEN FLUORITE WRAPPED ADJUSTABLE GOLD RING ENERGY GARDEN - RAW CLEAR QUARTZ ADJUSTABLE RING WITH WIRE WRAPPING Continue Reading →

Never Stop Looking Up

May 25, 2017

"I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night." Celebrate the stars with our Star Gazer Bracelet with the tiniest gold stars that connect like the constellations. We offer three different colored connectors just how nebulas are every changing.  Continue Reading →