Life Force Cobalt Blue Glass Vial - Vintage Perfume Bottle | Red Heart 13

Life Force Cobalt Blue Glass Vial - Vintage Perfume Bottle

Vintage glass blue vial holds the life force – a smell of your favorite essential oil or perfume from the past, or the tiniest love note rolled up. Open to relive a past memory. This perfume bottle necklace holds two pieces from the past that are now joined together. A vintage glass perfume bottle of the most deep royal blue falls below the chest.

The cobalt blue glass bottle is made of thick glass with a black plastic top with original tassel and features the remnants of the original label that read "Evening in Paris". It is matched with a large vintage brass circle button with intricate interlocking pattern of that from a storybook lock and lime green set cabochon. Both hang together in unison on a brass chain that fits over the head.

~ The brass chain is 28" long, plus 4.25" with the pendant and vial
~ The glass vial is .5" w x 3" long
~ The vintage brass button is 1.5" w 

An alluring necklace with an enchanting combination to keep as a personal companion to hold your secrets or scents.

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