Sacred Heart Quartz Talisman Raw Quartz Wrapped Crystal Necklace | Red Heart 13

Sacred Heart Quartz Talisman Necklace - Moonstone Rosary Chain

A natural large raw quartz crystal, rests below the heart, is a healing necklace for both men and women, the quartz crystal, also known as the "Universal Crystal" that channels universal energy. It can enhance thoughts and can be used in healing, meditation and protection. The large quartz stone is wrapped in silver wire that hangs from a crowned heart in silver with five points all on a rainbow moonstone hand wrapped beaded gun metal chain.

~ The necklace measures 20" long, plus 3.75" with the heart and quartz stone
~ The crystal is .75" at its widest point x 2" long
~ The sacred heart pendant is 1" w x 1.5" h
~ The moonstone beads are roughly .125" w

««Healing Properties of the Quartz»»
~ wards off negative energy, helps purify the spiritual, mental and physical planes

~ a healing stone, it is said to draw out pain and strengthen all systems of the body


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