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Foxglove White Flower Earrings

White foxglove flower earrings are made of paper that look like real wild bell flowers. The paper flowers have green wire stems that have been painted white, and the paper has been preserved and hardened to last long. White lace ribbon is knotted at the top that adds an extra feminine touch, ready for a bohemian bride. Or wear these earrings to invite the faeries to visit you.

This wild flower has been in fairy gardens, and is a must-have for attracting them, and is believed to protect from evil influences. But don't be fooled, Foxglove in folklore can raise the dead and kill the living, as it is very poisonous to humans. Other names include: Goblin Gloves, Fairy's Glove, Fairy Caps. The name foxglove comes from an old myth that foxes must have used flowers to magically shield their paws before sneaking into the fields of feasts.

The earrings measure 1" w x 2" h
The each flower measures approx .25" w

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