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White FoxGlove Dream Paper Flower Earrings

At dawn we shall pick the white floxglove flowers as it can raise the dead and it can kill the living. A bundle of organic paper flowers look real and were picked especially for spring, wear these earrings to invite the faeries to visit you. The paper flowers have wire stems that hang been painted with white detailing and the paper has been reserved and hardened to last long. The earrings are kissed with an off-white lace ribbon and hang from brass leverbacks. 

The name foxglove comes from an old myth that foxes must have used flowers to magically shield their paws before sneaking into the fields of feasts. The foxglove plant in modern day medicine to strengthen the heart and heart beat but can also be very deadly.

The earrings measure 1" w x 2" h
The each flower measures approx .25" w

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