Vampire Repellent Carved Crucifix Necklace vampire hunter | Red Heart 13

Van Helsing Wooden Carved Cross Stake Necklace

Just in case you have a vampire infestation in your town, keep this Vampire Hunter Necklace close to your heart and ready to strike any vamp who comes your way! Having a case of the curious and being inspired by Peter Cushing as Van Helsing, I like to bring my love of the supernatural into my jewelry.

For all of you who hate them or live in vampire roaming lands of Europe is just the thing. This simple vintage wooden cross has been carved into a mini vampire stake. The cross has a warm brown coloring with pure pine showing through, it hangs from two silver vintage chains. Not only a beautiful blessed relic, it is also hand carved into a miniature vampire stake.

The necklace measures 24.5" long, plus an extra 2.75" with small chains and cross
The wooden crucifix is 1.25" w x 1.75" h

For those of you who are believers, this necklace is truly a relic of the undead, ward off those mischievous vampires who lurk in your dreams and amongst grave yards.


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