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Protector in Chains - Antique Catholic Medals Layered Necklace

Carry a little faith with this companion of protection with this Catholic gothic layered women's statement necklace. A one of a kind statement necklace in ode to my Catholic school years that I hated. An array of various antique Catholic medals rest on the chest of the wearer protecting and warding off evil. Layered silver chains are threaded together with small knots tying off and securing religious medals in various lengths.

The necklace fits over the head and is meant to be carefree as medals and chain dangle effortlessly. 

The vintage Catholic medals are as follows*:
19th century crucifix, circa 1880. Missing 'INRI' scroll above Jesus (1.5" w x 3.25")
~ Sterling medal from France, Notre Dame du Cap (.875" w x 1.25" h)
~ Coated brass Immaculate Virgin Mary with immaculate heart (.875" w)
~ Miraculous Mary oval medal with circling heart border (missing rhinestones, 1" w x 1.25" h)
~ Serce jezusa Jesus and Virgin Mary and child (.75" w x 1.5" h)
~ coated brass Key of Heaven, St. Christopher Be My Guide (.875" w x 1.75" h)
~ Sterling 3 way medal w/ Jesus, Virgin Mary, St. Christopher, swivles open to reveal "I am Catholic, call a priest" (1"w x 1.25" h)
~ Oval Miraculous Medal of Mary (.5" w x 1" h)

Total length of necklace chain is 26" long. *Note: due to age of medals there are some dings and fading in coating or edges. 

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