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Room 237 The Shining Inspired Wax Ring

MADE TO ORDER: Inspired by Stephen King's The Shining, this ring is an omen of things to come. 237 from the Overlook Hotel is the room where unto Danny saw the visions of death and murder. Stay out of room 237, a ghost of a woman awaits to rebirth history.

The ring is an adjustable silver plated over copper ring, the face of the ring is made by burning red seal wax onto the surface. Small paper numbers have been cut from vintage reclaimed books of the corner page numbers to read 237; making a relic of the Overlook Hotel that was built on the site of a Native American burial ground.

The the top of the ring measure .5" w x .65" h
The ring is adjustable and should not be worn in water.

Ring is made to order, expect 2 weeks for completion before delivery.

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