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Lunar and Solar - Double Serpent Necklace - Gold Snake Pendant

Two snakes are intertwined between each other, a symbolic bridge between lunar and solar, water and fire. Coiled together this snake necklace is of balance and duality. A golden raw brass snake pendant features two snakes coiled together forming a circle opening. The pendant is lightweight, as hollow on the backside.

The vintage snakes feature marvelous detail of scales and texture and hangs from a gold plated brass chain.

Measurements & Details:
~ Necklace measures 16.5" long but can be extended per request, the 19.5" option is made with a 3" extender chain
~ Snake pendant is made of raw brass, measures 1.125" w x 1.875" h
~ Note: raw brass will patina over time

The snake evokes a calming energy, the noble creature can represent growth and enlightenment. The snake can symbolize cycles within life, rebirth, patience, fertility, eternity, protection and awareness.

Collections: Celestial Hearts

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