Amethyst Wrapped Pendant - Amethyst Crystal Pendant Necklace | Red Heart 13

Amethyst Wrapped Pendant Necklace - Wire Wrapped Geode Slice

A natural beauty featuring a large flat polished piece of amethyst crystal wire wrapped in silver and hangs from a long silver chain. Gradients of dark purple to light melt down the stone to a cloudy milky white of the stone at the bottom. A thick piece of silver contours the edge of the oblong crystal.

Amethyst provides healing to the soul, it is said to bring enlightenment serving to awaken the soul while helping its wearer to realize their purpose. It is also a great protector against negative energy.

Pendant measures 1.25" w x 3" h
Chain measures 34" long, plus additional 3" long

*Light wear on the silver - some silver is worn away on the ages due to the vintage age
**A few small scratches on surface due to age

Collections: Celestial Hearts

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