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Crescent Moon Goddess Shield Painted Earrings - MADE TO ORDER

The moon, she is the keeper of cycles of the ocean, crescent moon one-of-a-kind earrings are reminiscent of medieval armor with flourish detailing. Hand-painted moons would make a lovely pair for someone who worships her in the night sky. 

Earrings are made of thin silver metal that has been stamped with surfaces raised with detailed flourish work at the top. A oval center houses the most delicate crescent moon that has been hand painted with black and white shades, it has been sealed to protect.

Made to Order: these earrings are made to order. Since the black center of the moon is hand-painted there may be slight variation on the black tone or paint strokes. 

~ The crescent moon earrings measures 1.25" w x 3.25" long with earring hook
~ Earring should not get wet
~ Earring hooks can be exchanged for leverbacks per request

'…as the moon waxes and wanes, and walks three nights in darkness, so the Goddess once spent three nights in the kingdom of Death.'

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