Vintage Brass Circle Keyhole Necklace | Red Heart 13

Vintage Brass Circle Keyhole Necklace

Inspired by Game of Thrones, the keyhole from the red door represents the private thoughts of Daenerys Targaryen. The red door symbolizes her heart's desire, safety, security, and the closest thing to home, where she lived with her brother in Braavos in the big house with the red door. 

A flat circle brass plate with keyhole once as the entry to a secret door is now the centerpiece that rests over the heart. It features simple detailing along the edges with slanted lines that go around the brass plate. The brass keyhole charm is .75" wide and hangs from a brass chain that measures 16.5" long but can be lengthened per request with small extender chain.

*Due to the age of the brass keyhole there may be small scratches and rust on the surface which I believe adds to the beauty.

Only you have control over your heart's desires, the keyhole is a secret place of one's self, the private mind of your thoughts where you feel protected.

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