Isis Goddess Necklace with Scarab Beetle | Red Heart 13

Isis Goddess Necklace with Scarab Beetle

A magical necklace celebrating Isis the ancient Egyptian goddess of magic, fertility, death, healing, fertility, rebirth and the moon. A statement diamond shaped silver pendant features the goddess Isis kneeling with her wings spread and her arms raised holding the sun. The background is detailed with a tight flourish pattern and four pearls.

The pendant hangs from gun metal chain that is attached to vintage pieces features round dimensional daisy circles that surround a vintage turquoise scarab beetle. Scarabs in ancient Egypt were intended to be worn by the living, and were either carved or molded, then glazed in blue or green to be fired to be drilled and worn as jewelry.

Double gun metal chains are connected to a clasp that is meant to be worn as a choker.

~ The Isis silver plated vintage pendant is 2.375
~ The choker chain is 14” long

**Note: due to the age of the Isis pendant, there is some wear on the surface and the faux pearls are flaking in some areas.

A necklace for lovers of Egyptian deco jewelry or for lovers of ancient Egyptian jewelry.

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