Black Phillip Goat Charm Necklace – Gold Chain | Red Heart 13

Black Phillip Goat Charm Necklace – Gold Chain

Wear this petite goat charm necklace to help with maneuvering decisions – it is said goat horns can help with psychic awareness. The wild is their home and wild is your heart. A raw shiny brass goat with all the details from fur to hooves hangs from a thin dainty lightweight gold cable chain.

Shrouded in mysticism, the goat has many myths and legends, long to be considered a symbol of vitality and sensuality. Greek mythology reflects the goat as a Satyr, who are half goat and half man like Pan. The Greek God Bacchus had a cart driven by goats, and Thor, the Norse God of Thunder drew his chariot led by goats. The goat, also, a lustful creature has long been associated with Witchcraft by early modern Europeans during the 14 to 17th century – witches sometimes were believed to fly the goat to the Sabbat.

Whether your belief, the goat as a personal symbol helps maintain balance in a calm path of determination. Look down and to the left for a friendly folklore smile and ask your friends 'Would thou like to live deliciously?'

~ Measurements ~
The goat measures 1.125" w x .875" h
The chain thickness measures 1.3mm
Necklace measures 18.5"

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