Star Gazer Matte Helio Blue Hand Harness | Red Heart 13

Star Gazer Matte Helio Blue Hand Harness

A shimmer from the moon and sparkle from the stars, a slave bracelet, with golden stars and nebula purple and blues, is an ode to the universe. 

The bracelet with loop, meant to slip over the middle finger, is made with brass chain that is connected to tiny shiny brass stars, with a die-struck starburst center, and brilliantly colored matte helio blue connectors. Their shape is reminiscent of Art Nouveau style lotus.

~ The brass wrist chain measures 6" long, with an extra 1" for more length
~ The middle loop is 1.5" long
~ The stars are .35" h, and the helio connectors are .94" long

With a star being born and dying each second; keep the universe at your hand.


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