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Shieldmaiden Sun Shield Necklace - Pythian Sisters Ceremonial Medal

The Shield-maiden necklace is a linear chest piece, that symbolizes friendship and honor between women warriors, featuring a pendant directly cast from an antique Pythian Sisters women's fraternal order ceremonial medal. A blackened shield with rising sun, is also a protector of the earth in Norse mythology. Sun rising over the mountains.

The Pythian Sisters were a female auxiliary to the Knights of Pythias – Pythian refers to the legend of Damon and Pythias, a friend of Damon condemned to death by Dionysus of Syracuse.

The sun shield has been cast and plated in a silver that has been hand oxidized. The sun shield was cast from an original antique Pythian Sisterhood P.F.L.E. medal. Hanging below the shield, are three small silver steel heart charms and a small pendulum resembling a medieval weapon.

The silver chain measures: 18.25"
The heart chain and pendants hang 5.25" from the chain.
Shield: 1.25" w x 1.5" h
Heart charms: .47" x .39" w

Hand oxidation: This sun has been naturally oxidized by using the hard boiled egg method to avoid using chemicals – naturally there are some imperfections in the blackening but the outcome is very beautiful featuring a lovely rainbow effect with subtle blues and purples. The coloring of the oxidation and medal varies from piece to piece. The coloring of the shield is most accurate in the photographs of the necklace flat on white.

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