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World’s Tallest Man Jack Earle Giant Ring Necklace

Wear a piece of Americana with this statement necklace featuring a 1920-30s Jack Earle souvenir ring. Jack Earle Texas Giant traveled with the both Barnum and Bailey Circus and Ringing Brothers. This pewter ring is large for it’s size, as it was the size of one of Jack’s finger. During the time of the circus, rings like this were marveled for their size and were called “Pitch Rings” to be sold during their performance.

The ring features embossed letters that read ‘Jack Earle Big Giant’ in the center, surrounded by beautiful raised roses featuring the most beautiful detailing. A matte silver brushed linked chain is wrapped around the ring that hangs from a mother-daughter linked brass chain that fits over the head.

<< Measurements & Details >>

- The brass chain measures 26.75, with an extra 1.75” with the height of the ring
- The ring measures .75” w x 1.375” h 
- Necklace has some weight to it

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