Survival Waterproof Matchstick Holder Men's Pocket Chain | Red Heart 13

Survival Waterproof Matchstick Holder Men's Pocket Chain

A scouts honor and the survival of the fittest. Be prepared, that is the Scouts motto as a reminder as a Scout smiles as he does his duty even if defending alone amongst the elements. A tool for survival to hold matchsticks or goodies for exploring.

A vintage metal Boy Scouts Waterproof Matchstick .80" w x 3" h holder made to carry with you. The metal holder features a long 3" tube that has a turning top with hook. The bottom has unique Boy Scout emblem of honor and truth featuring the eagle and shield and two stars. There is light decay on the outside of the holder showing the use over the years.

It hangs from a thick wallet chain with a raised surface featuring a maltese cross with black detailing in the metal. A clip makes it easy to clip on to your pants. 

~ The full length with hook, chain and metal bottle is 16.5" but can be shortened per request. 

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