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Sigil of Baphomet Pentagram Necklace / Occult Jewelry

Red jeweled Sigil of Baphomet with goat head, made famous by Anton LaVey and more recently is seal of the Church of Satan. The Horned God symbolically represented the unknown and sexual energy – and the hunter's god may have been the earliest worshipped divinity. Baphomet is respected by many types of Western magical traditions: ceremonial, chaos, Thelmic (Aleister Crowley), left-hand path and Wicca.

This sabbatic goat pendant has the five point inverted pentagram, it is surrounded by Hebrew letters for Leviathan and is set with five imitation red gems. It is a silver brushed metal that is lead free. You have a choice of black velvet choker or black rope cord with adjustable sliding knot.

The pendant measures 1.25" w x 1.75" h
The black velvet choker longest is 19" with extender, shortest 17", approx .25" thick

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