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Sacred Tibetan Snake Vertebrae Unisex Necklace

MADE TO ORDER: Snakes span the symbolic gap between lunar and solar much like the relationships of water and fire. Of good and evil, the snake represents cycles rebirth, fertility, eternity, balance, healing and transformation. Snake vertebrae rests over the heart as a representation of cycles of life, the yin-yang of man kind is a symbol of secret knowledge. 

These vertebrae are from a rare collector strand of snake bones, I am unsure on the type of snake as they were a gift from a friend who got them in Tibet as a full strand. Interlock the bones or twist to give more dimension, they are strung through on a thin brass chain. They have a natural tan to rich brown color. They range approx .5" and the necklace itself measures 22" long with locking clasp.

This necklace is made to order, bones color and size may vary, but will be similar to photo.

In Egyptian mythology the snake represents immortality, the bones are believed to be sacred by many tribal cultures. 

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