Pen Pal Companion Writing Necklace - Vintage Pencil Necklace | Red Heart 13

Pen Pal Companion Writing Necklace - Vintage Pencil - Retractable Pencil

A secret hand in writing lost diaries and love songs of the past, a true talisman that signs away whimsical dreams and spiritual emotions. This romantic gold pencil holds a past relic of love notes. This charming necklace is perfect for on the go or around the studio.

The shiny golden brass pencil features a stick of thin graphite for writing – ready to send a friend a thank you note! The pencil is vintage and due to age, the 1" graphite of left, but can be refilled with ease. Graphite turns in and out.

~ The total length of the necklace is 32", dark shiny brass chain can be lengthened or shortened
~ The pencil is 3.75" long

***Note: the pencil still has some of the graphite left inside, but can easily be refilled. Due to age, there is some light surface scratching on the surface of the pencil

♥ A darling reminder to stay young, an ensemble to cherish wonderful memories from day to day, wear this necklace around the office or a companion to doodle in the park or cemeteries.

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