Mens Vintage Pistol Knife Necklace with Real Animal Bones | Red Heart 13

Vintage Pistol Knife Necklace with Real Animal Bones

A vintage 1970s pistol handgun folding knife is a companion when riding alone, a nod to Spaghetti westerns. and street fights. This miniature knife has a wooden grip contrasted with shiny brass – hold the hammer down to release the shiny silver blade.

Three carved tube beads are made of bone in a brown color with a smooth bark like texture. The beads are combined with a silver matte linked chain.

- The total length of the necklace is: 30", plus 5" with the length of the knife and beads
- The knife pendant is 1" w x 2.5" h
- The actual blade itself is 1.25"

The blade is in good condition with shiny surface, I recommend a little sharpening however still sharp enough to cut your fingers – I have wounds to prove it. But be careful, Red Heart 13 won't be held responsible for your or anyone's battle wounds.

***ATTENTION: This knife is not intended for children, you agree that you are the legal age of 21 or older in order to purchase or wear this necklace. This necklace and knife is not to be used as a weapon or to cause purposeful injury. When purchasing this necklace you are agreeing not to hold me, Leila Marvel not responsible for any damages caused by this necklace. I am not responsible for getting clearing upon customs when ordering internationally.

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