Great God Pan Earrings | Red Heart 13

Great God Pan Earrings

The god of the forest, fields and patron of shepherds – the Great God Pan will be your guide. A shiny bronze stamping pendant has lovely detailing - here Pan looks more fierce that than he is represented. He is a loving god, and also represents fertility and sexual passion.

The 1.25" w x 1.375" h stampings hang from vintage detailed gold plated connectors on brass leverbacks. The earrings hang 3.5" long, but can be shortened.

"Come away with me, Shepard Girl, through the fields, and we will be careless and happy, and we will leave thought to find us when it can, for that is the duty of thought, and it is more anxious to discover us that we are to be found." – Crock of Gold by James Stephens, 1912.

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