Crystal Ball Necklace - Large Clear Sphere with Gold Chain | Red Heart 13

Crystal Ball Necklace - Large Sphere with Gold Chain

Gaze into your very own traveling crystal ball, unlock mysteries of the future. A large clear plastic orb is magical with detailing in gold with a large gold flower connecting to a long gold linked chain that fits over the head.

Wear this necklace as a tool for scrying, the art of gazing into a reflective surface to gain mystical insight. Go deep into your subconscious mind or be reminded of a spiritual orb floating through a room.

The large orb pendant measures 1.5"
The chain measures 37"

Of spells and spirits of other dimensions, the belief is often hidden from the living, every now and again we see glimmers of what is on the other side; it is those secrets that often inspires us.

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