Beowulf Chest Armor Silver Chain Necklace Layered Statement | Red Heart 13

Beowulf Chest Armor Silver Chain Necklace

Statement silver chest necklace is armor for the heart, to be worn as a symbol of warrior spirit and inspired by Anglo-Saxon warriors, who wore mailcoats to protect the body in hand-in-hand combat. 

Cascading thin silver chains make an organic webbing across the chest of the wearer, centered in the middle is vintage steel shaped in hearts. Sitting atop in between the collar bone is a small sterling silver garnet connector in honor of the warrior spirit.

The shorter neck chain measures: 14.5" long, it can be lengthened
The length from the collar bone to the end of the hanging chains is: 28"
Heart chain: .47" x .39" w

An armor necklace for those who love statement jewelry.

Collections: Armored Saint

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