Energy Quartz Terrarium Necklace - Raw Crystal Quartz Vial Necklace | Red Heart 13

Energy Quartz Terrarium Necklace - Raw Crystal Quartz Vial Necklace

A miniature quartz garden over your chest, energy to radiate and rebuild the ora and connect to universal love. A vintage plastic bottle, a resting place for a small raw quartz crystals. A healing necklace for both men and women, the quartz crystal, also known as the "Universal Crystal" channels universal energy. It can enhance thoughts and can be used in healing, mediation, protection and to purify. 

This bottle necklace has been altered, removing any remnants of a past life; such as cogs or screws. Darkened moss rests at the bottom caressing the crystals inside a little terrarium. The bottle can be opened to carry your most precious petite finds.

The bottle hangs from three gold chain links on a long brass chain. The chain measures 25" long. Plus the gold chain and bottle measuring an extra 5". The bottle measures .5" w x 2" h.

~ wards off negative energy, helps purity the spiritual, mental and physical planes
~ a healing stone, it is said to draw out pain and strengthen all health systems

An energy quartz necklace for healers, occult magic, witchy women and wanderers.

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