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Death Dealer Wooden Beaded Unisex Necklace

The shadow figure rode on horseback into the darkened Black Forest; bringing death upon whoever walks in its shadow. Vintage wooden beads are strung with two vintage skulls with inset rhinestones, skulls gathered from the dead are strung around the neck of death. The skulls are lined with black veins and darkened engraved lines of the teeth and eyes. The wooden beads have a dark cherry color and is matched with a silver matte swooping chain all strung on a dark cooper chain.



The necklace measures 22" long with an extra 3.5" hanging below the copper chain
The skull beads are .375" w 
The wooden beads measure .125" w 


This necklace can be worn as an every day memento mori; a remembrance that you must die and one day death will come for you. 

Collections: Looking Glass Gothic

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