Serbian Warrior Dragon Antique Bracelet | Red Heart 13

Serbian Warrior Dragon Antique Bracelet

A darkened shield of protection is a unique statement piece resembling a Serbian warrior wearing a 17th century lobster-tailed pot helmet, a post-Renaissance combat helmet with dragon. These helmets were often worn by the calvary and officers, it was derived from an Ottoman Turkish style.

Here we see our warrior heavily decorated in the helmet featuring a dragon, which is often seen based on legends in Serbia of the brave dragon, who defended the skies and lands from the Ottomans. Darkened brass is the base of the pendant with darker areas and lighter shiny brass on the helmet and uniform. The coloring of this pendant is brass with heavy oxidation in areas, giving a teal color surrounded by embellished faceted metal bumps that resembles stones.

~ The shield chunky pendant measures 1.9" and is uneven in certain areas due to age
~ The full measurement of the bracelet is 7.25" in length but can be adjusted per request

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