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Valkyrie Ruby Dagger Earrings

Chooser of the slain in blood or life, fierce earrings remind us of the afterlife. Valkyries in Norse mythology were the female figures who came down from the sky riding horses to choose those who would fight in battle either to live or die in battle to be chosen to enter the hall of Valhalla.

Vintage bright red ruby teardrop pendants catch the light as miniature daggers are a token of death hiding behind the red. Petite silver ball posts are easy to close and give extra security as the earrings have some weight to them.

The earrings measure 2" from the ball post to the end of the dagger
The glass ruby teardrop is .75" at the widest point x 1" h
The dagger is .25" w x .90" h

Collections: Armored Saint

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