Luna Goddess Moonstone Head Chain | Red Heart 13

Luna Goddess Moonstone Head Chain

A simple moonstone headpiece celebrates Luna, the goddess of the moon, who was often depicted with the crescent of the moon above her forehead – made in collaboration with Ghostlove Jewelry. The moonstone centered in line with your third eye to reach your inner goddess..

Ancient as the moon itself, moonstone keep our secrets locked beneath a pearly veil, it is a foremost talisman bringing future journeys to light. An amulet of protection for traveling, love and wisdom  and Luna meaning to shine, much like the moonstone radiates rainbow colors.

Resting in the middle of the head chain is a moonstone station oval charm with sterling bezel, the surface is faceted and has a smokey white color with hints of a fiery blues. A silver chain runs across the head with another silver chain running across the top of the forehead. Thin strands of petite milky white moonstone swoops below providing more positive flow.

One size fits all. The head chain can be modified per request, it is best to measure the top of your head for an accurate fit:
The middle chain that runs across the head is 20" long
Moonstone chain is 12" on each side
Moonstone oval is .375" w x .5" h

This head chain is MADE TO ORDER, you can expect 2 weeks for completion before delivery.

Collections: Armored Saint

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