Red Heart 13 Odd & Forgotten Jewelry and Relics

Unisex jewelry for wild hearts, free folks, sinners and saints. Much of the material used in Red Heart 13's jewelry finds its origin from a distant past – we strive to breathe new life into adornments to ensure they evoke a new story that is inspiring and handcrafted while maintaining that signature aged look. Each customer is invited into our world of dark stories, splendid melancholy spun with florals and hints of magic.

Wild Hearts

Our 'Wild Hearts' jewelry collection, a gift to its wild hearts, sinners and saints. Wearable talismans for the dark hearts and gothic wardrobe.


What a girl wants, a girl gets

August 22, 2016

We recently had the pleasure to create a custom body chain inspired by anime Pluto of Sailor Moon for a girl who was going to do cosplay. Continue Reading →

Buried Treasure Finds & Fate's Unexpected Turn

January 07, 2016

Every once in a while fate throws you a curve ball leading you to the exact place in time you are supposed to be in life – last Saturday was one of those unexpected adventures. The day starts like this, I had expected to be back home after running a few errands, but I had decided to hit up one of my favorite estate sale shops, Good Deals. Surprisingly, I ran into my good friend Gene, we got chatting about as we looked around. Before leaving, I found what I believe to be is a 19th century canvas wall hanging with a hand-painted sleeping cherub laying on clouds. This was just the beginning… Spur of the moment, I'd had asked if... Continue Reading →